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Saturday, 16 Jan 2021

Aghape Warranty

Aghape Aghape's code is based on Ethic, a spontaneous and honest way to be, not arising from circumstances and instances. Only with that “truth” Aghape can reach its target, which is  “being the change wanted in the world, and bringing it even in the job world”, with the convinction that a new attitude can producehuman and economic wellness.


From this principle, Aghape selects, guides and then “guarantees” mainly the People as colworkers , technicians, trainers, so that ideas, projects and formative paths Aghape suggests would be oriented toward:


  • a sustainable, responsible and conscious attitude
  • develop a critical thought, individual conscience and personal responsibility
  • ease the rising of individual basic resources
  • break the principles of division and antagonism
  • integrate the individual different dimensions
  • educate and cooperate to grow and improve
  • building a new vision

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