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Wednesday, 02 Dec 2020


Formazione Aghape
The Academy of Human Formation is the last born in Aghape's universe. In it merge the "field experiences" of marketing and communication projects on one hand, and, on the other hand, the personal counseling and Maison Aghape's groups, creting a new reality dedicated to Establishments and Companies.

These are experiences demonstrating us that  Market and Human and Environmental Wellness could pursue the same aims and that Aghape's fundamental ideas and values as Sustainability, Ethic, Responsibility and Love are real changement and improvement engines.

Today organizations suffer from a strong increasing of state of uncertainty and a deep sense of general disorientation.

The distance from the Enterprise Dream, a technology more and more having an end in itself, productive processes more automatic which logic seems to be distant and intangible, a Management devoid of "Thinking Heart" privilegiating functionalities and performances. All that negatively weight on the equilibrium between Man and Work.

An Organization is mostly composed of people and relations. This means that what happens to people, the way they experiences themselves and professional dynamics,  affect the system, orientating its trend, in the order of  30-40% of the overall efficiency.

As highlighted from the same Companies with which Aghape daily exchange views, it needs a theorical and practical change bringing back into Companies and Establishments new experiences and an Ethic for the future. That could generate a real belonging to the world of work and to the society, and could moreover turn crisis into opportunities of real growth.


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