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Wednesday, 02 Dec 2020


Tecnologia Aghape


To have an accessible and well-structurated website is not sufficient to make of it an efficient selling and communication tool for your own services and products.

To apply efficient Web Marketing strategies it could represent  a great benefit for that company which thinks the web as a sales channel able to acquire qualified leads and then new customers.

Aghape, through its dedicated division, projected the LGS system (Lead Generation System), an advanced device which, through Web Marketing campaigns, produces a double issue, measurable and concrete:

- "To achieve the best visibility, leading your website to the top  results between search engine's pages"

- "To create an efficient web communication, according to definite methods, to enable a potential customers' landing on your website having a system which, once functioning, would be an efficient support for the acquiring of qualified contacts with the least effort and investment".

Many times, companies are convinced that to have a good website means to have the 100% of the internet visibility, but, despite the economic effort made,  often resulsts are not those expected.

The LGS system uses completely web potentials to improve qualified contacts and potential customers enough to justify the investment.

An accessible website provides a very high number of potential customers. If well-structurated it could become a powerful communication and selling tool.

Aghape's ICT division develops solutions respecting the accessibility terms  currently provided from normatives and complying to used languages' validity standards provided from W3C body.

Static Website Development


Static websites provides read only contents.
Are composed of 4-5 webpages and are updated with a low frequency.
Principal benefits for this product type are mainly two:

  • low realization investment;
  • Quick development times.

Dynamic websites Development

Dynamic websites are the true revolution in the modern web.
They are structurated on CMS base (Content  Management System), having dynamically edited contents (es. link to a database) which could differ due to many elements.
They are easily manageable (by appropriate formation) even from non-experts thanks to easy control panels who permits to insert autonomously news, images and contents.
This website typology represents the ideal solution for who wants to have an autonomous and always updatable management.

E-Commerce Development


E-Commerce platform is the variant of dynamic portals projected to carry out the "Electronic Commerce" task.


Aghape's "Ethical Information Technology" division arises from the wish to provide innovative services about information technology based on concepts of relation, quality, reliability and transparency.

Aghape's experts' team dedicated to information technology division è extremely skilled and qualified and is aimed to bring into a professional relationship, that human touch which lead to a true autonomy and to concrete and measurable results.

Information technologies could enhance  the life-quality if used without making an abuse of it and with the consciousness that a machine could never help but the man. In fact, only the Man is capable of creating. Information technology support, managed with wiseness, knowledge and conscience, could enrich the future society and could become the first step for an human progress.

Ethic concept among information technologies means for Aghape that ability to make further accessible the use of technological tools in order to  let everyone know, manage and control his own choices. It means the use of open source resources, but moreover, in an ethical and professional conscience which allows the comprehension of a matter which permeates every activity, but which is still prerogative of a small group of experts.



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